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Get to know us - Blanketing Families, Inc. - Meet Annette

Annette H.

President + Co-Founder

Annette is a two-time cancer survivor on a clear mission to spread love, warmth and kindness in her community. To God be the Glory is her favorite mantra, and she has based the creation of Blanketing Families, Inc. in this mantra. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Annette’s new home in Columbia, SC has become Blanketing Families, Inc. HQ.

Married with two daughters and five beautiful grandchildren she keeps God first in all that she does.

Get to know us - Blanketing Families, Inc. - Meet Ann

Ann P.

Vice President & Co-Founder

Ann was born in Brooklyn, NY, and is now a resident of Elgin SC. She’s compassionate and kind, always looking to interact with the people around her. Her fun-loving spirit and selfless nature always have her checking on the people around her and in her community.  Believing her duty is to serve and not to be served, her personal mission is to help others in need.

Whether it’s a smile, a greeting, a hug, prayer or motivational words, Ann believes in covering those around her in warmth, kindness and love.